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Best Female Artist

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  1. I’ve heard many collaborations feat Samanda Marie, she’s very easy to collab with, her voice fits in easily with a lot of other Artist’s, Crisp & Clear, bringing a sense of calmness to many of the songs with that angelic voice of hers❤️‍🔥

  2. Hands down the most hardworking artist I’ve seen from my city. Her determination and passion speaks volumes and she sets the tone for following your dreams so don’t let such rare talent become underrated because she definitely deserves it. Asia all the way.

  3. Very clear and great tone! She is a professional entertainer with very good pitch and controlled volume when higher tones are projected!!

  4. Asia Dime is so talented and real!! I feel her music on every level she deserves so much watching her tell her pain through Rap!!!!

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